Best place to Intern is a survey being conducted by Corporate Shiksha under its Career Launchpad Initiative. As a result of this survey, the top companies will be showcased in our special publication titled ‘Best Place to Intern 2018’, in September 2018.

The basic purpose of the survey is to understand the perceptions and aspirations of India’s young Graduating class who will be interning this summer with companies across industry sectors.

The initiative is an attempt to capture key drivers which help interns in choosing a workplace which will be best suited to them. Also, the companies will be able to portray their offerings in front of the prospects in a better way.

Interns can be from any domain, i.e., Engineering, Management Studies, Arts, etc.




  • National Level Research Study
  • Spanning across 20+ Industry Sectors
  • Participation of 500+ Best Workplaces from India Inc.
  • Students from 200+ Educational Institutions
  • Reaching out to 40000+ Students across India
  • Recognizing India’s 100 Best Places to Intern in 2018
  • Special Publication & Report Launch at Gala Event in New Delhi
  • Best Place to Intern Awards – Special recognition for Best Workplace in each Industry sector
  • Special Program Broadcast on National Television




   Recognizing top Employers 

Recognizing top Employers:

After the survey is completed, we will be coming out with the special publication in the month of September 2018 titled ‘Best Place to Intern 2018’. Top 100 companies will get featured in this publication and this will subsequently increase their stature in the industry. Reputation is the currency of the future, and this recognition will certainly make them feel richer.

Showcasing Best Practices

Showcasing Best Practices:

The results of the survey will reveal the best practices followed by companies in the industry. The companies that are lagging behind can bridge these gaps and themselves become ‘The Best Place to Intern’, in the future.

build a strong Employer Brand

Programs to enhance & build a strong Employer Brand:

We will also provide companies with customized training modules and training sessions. This will enable the companies to build upon their shortcomings/weaknesses and reach greater heights.

Strengthening the Campus Corporate ecosystem

Strengthening the Campus-Corporate ecosystem:

Another aim of the survey is to come up with solutions that will help the corporate ecosystem, i.e., the interns as well as the employers. The students will be better prepared for their internships and the companies will have a broader talent pool to choose from. As a result, the workplace ecosystem will be strengthened and corporate synergy will increase. A healthy work environment would help companies in increasing productivity and reduce costs.